Ramen Soup salt flavor,miso flavor, soy sauce flavor

Ramen Soup
“Daisen Chicken Dashi”, “Freshwater clam Dashi” and “Flying fish Dashi”.

Salt soup with Daisen chicken Dashi. Miso soup with Freshwater clam Dashi. Soy sauce soup with Flying fish Dashi

Daisen chicken Dashi

Product name

Ramen soup
with Daisen chicken Dashi.

Net weight



Chicken stock, Protein hydrolysis, Animal fat,Salt, Pork essence, Vegetable extract, Sugar, Spice, Kelp extract, Seasoning (amino acid, etc), Alcohol, Thickening agent (xanthan gum), Vitamin B1, Antioxidant (V.E.), (contains Wheat an Soybeans)

Freshwater clam Dashi

Product name

Ramen soup
with Freshwater clam Dashi.

Net weight



Miso, Animal fat, Meat extract, Soy sauce, Salt, Sugar, Seafood extract (contains Octopus extract), Onion, Spice, Seasoning (amino acid, etc), Alcohol, Caramel pigment, (contains Wheat, Soybeans, Chicken and Pork)

Flying fish Dashi

Product name

Ramen soup
with Flying fish Dashi.

Net weight



Soy sauce, Animal fat, Salt, Meat extract, Bonito broth, Sugar, Liquor made by fermentation, Vegetable extract, Flying fish powder, Spice, Seasoning (amino acid, etc), Caramel pigment, Thickening agent (xanthan gum), (contains Wheat, Soybeans, Pork and Chicken)

- Storage:Avoid direct sunlight/places with high heat and humidity, please keep it at a normal temperature.
- Best before:365 days.
- 240 bags per case.



*Please note burns during cooking.

[1] Warm soup bag and melt lard.

[2] Put soup in a bowl.

[3] Boil 300cc water.

[4] Put 300cc hot water in a bowl and mix with soup.

[5] Put boiled noodle in soup and have with the topping of liking.

Made in Japan