Blueberry Leaf & Herb Tea

Blueberry Leaf & Herb Tea Luxury in the afternoon

Relax in low calorie & non caffeine
While using the advantage of the refreshing acidity, color and aroma of Blueberry leaves, stems and skins of Blueberry, we blended herbs and finished it into a soft sweet herbal tea to be able to drink deliciously.

(1) Blueberry tea leaves contain an antioxidant "chymeacid" and it is felt sour.

(2) Hydrangea tea is calorie off and the sweetness is sweet enough to be said as 1,000 times sugar. It conta ins saponin ingredients and you can relax with non caffeine.

(3) Heath flower is a beautiful skin herb that contains Arbutin and is popular among women. Apple is sweet and sour and is a fruit herb that contains Vitamin A,Vitamin C, Tannin, Minerals, Pectin.

(4) Apple dry chips are sweet and sour, and are one of fruit herbs containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Tannin, Minerals and Pectin.

Product name

Blueberry Leaf & Herb Tea Luxury in the afternoon.

Net weight

20g (2g x 10bags)


Blueberry leaves, stems and skins(From Tottori prefecture,Japan) / Hydrangea leaves / Heath flower / Apple dry chip


Keep it at a normal temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Best before

3 years / 20 bags per case

Nutrition Facts(per100g)

Calorie 2Kcal Protein 0g Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g Available Carbohydrate 0.4g
Sugar 0.1g Sodium 0mg Dietary Fiber 0g
Moisture 99.9g Ash 0g


150ml of boiling hot water was added to Blueberry leaf & Herb tea and the extracted liquid after covering for 5 minutes was tested.

Best way to drink it.

*Please note burns during cooking.

Hot tea.

[1] Place 150 cc of hot water in the pot and close the lid.

[2] By steaming for 2-5 minutes, the ingredients of blueberry leaves and herbs will penetrate into hot water.

[3] Please enjoy poured into a cup.

Ice Tea.

[1] Put 3 packs in hot water 1 litter.

[2] Please chill it in the refrigerator after becoming the taste and color you prefer.

[3] Please enjoy poured into a glass.

Made in Japan